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Pearls of Healthdom No. 12 - Just Move!

Hi. Or low? If you're a bit down, it's hardly surprising. Where did the light go? Yawn... sigh.

But now winter lethargy can take a running jump because we have the cure. Move. (No, not to Spain.) Move your body, activate your senses. Sounds easy. It is.

Small hinges can swing big doors when it comes to your health - 5 minutes of squats and stretches in the morning can make a whole day of difference. Did you know, people who sit 3 or more hours a day are 64% more likely to suffer from heart disease? Don't stand for it. Or rather do. Get up regularly and walk around. It's unbelievably good for you (and you'll make more friends). In fact joining The Third Space is also a great way to meet people. It means working out can really... work out! 

Click here to read what our experts have to say on the matter.

They're inspirational. And they're here to help. Tiny changes to your daily routine can have a massive impact on your energy, your mentality and your waist.

So why don't you come down today and discuss a personalised fitness programme?


To set you on your way, when you join The Third Space we’ll give you: 

3 x free Personal Training sessions (worth £225).

You will also receive:

- Follow up sessions with your trainer every 6 weeks

- A Medical Assessment with our GP at The Third Space Medicine

- 2 x Guest Passes to use at either Club

For more information on your corporate rate, please ask your HR Team or contact us on

A partner rate is also available for co-habiting members.

As a member of The Third Space, you have unlimited access to both your Soho and Marylebone Clubs.


New Corporate Memberships

Our dedicated corporate team will consider each corporate structure individually, allowing us to tailor a package to meet all your requirements considering factors such as the number of employees and the type of contribution an employer wishes to make.

For new corporate clients our ‘Corporate Introductory Scheme’ may be applicable. The scheme offers advantages for year one of membership to help with the process of establishing corporate membership.

Our corporate membership pricing is as follows and will be subject to an initial Joining Fee:

No. MembersAnnualMonthly*
5 - 9 £1,390 £139
10 + £1,290 £129
20 + £1,220£122
30 + £1,150 £115
40 + Individually Negotiated

Corporate offerings to employees usually fall into one of three categories:

The company pays in full for the employee's membership.
The company pays a percentage of the employee's membership.
LoanCompany Loan
The company pays the full membership and then deducts a monthly sum from the employee's pay.

Please contact our membership team directly on 0207 439 7333 to discuss your membership enquiry.

*minimum of 12 monthly payments

We audit our corporate memberships annually to ensure that all members are paying the correct rate.

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