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Osteopaths use their hands to discover and repair misalignments in the body’s musculoskeletal framework that hinder its capacity for self-repair and balance.



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Initial Consultation£72.00
Follow up£65.00

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Initial Consultation£77.00
Follow up£69.00

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Osteopathy was developed in the 19th century by an American physician called Andrew Taylor Still. He realised the inadequacy of the medical profession and developed a medical discipline to overcome these shortcomings. Utilising a detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology etc, an Osteopath can look at the structure and function of the human body and understand the individual’s needs.

Dr. Still believed that the body has its own medicines and therefore can heal itself. He also believed that ‘where harmony dwells, obstruction does not exist.’ Thus, motion is the key to health.

What is it good for?

Most of us think of Osteopathy is for a bad back. It is certainly very effective for musculoskeletal problems generally, but can also be used to treat a wide range of internal problems, such as digestive problems, and respiratory problems. Osteopathy can be helpful in pregnancy and babies and children can benefit.

What happens in a consultation?

A full case history is taken and life style and dietary advice will be given. Once your practitioner has ascertained your presenting complaint then manipulative treatment will follow.

Preparation and Requirements

None required.

Please note: There will be a £2 increase on Osteopathy prices from 1st February.
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