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Body Wraps, Scrubs and Exfoliation

Our Signature Treatment

Exfoliation Minerale

Unwind and de-stress with this ritual for baby-soft, perfectly flawless skin. Following a prelude breathing exercise to encourage relaxation and circulation, your skin is gently yet deeply exfoliated with gourmand rich in fatty acids, Vitamin A and E. After a showermarine mineral crystals and Rhodochrosite Gemstone Balm, rich in manganese to calm, soothe and relieve stress. After a shower, a fifteen minute massage with mineral-rich cream ensures your skin is re-hydrated and your mind is totally relaxed.


Slim Line Wrap (Slim Correction)

Support your healthy eating and exercise regime with this purifying and slimming wrap. Self heating puissance mineceuria fermete is applied all over the body and stimulates collagen production in order to repulp the skin. 

We recommend a course of six sessions for this treatment (2 per week).

Lift, Tone, Firm (Lift Correction)

The ideal treatment when you want to firm and tone; after pregnancy or weight loss, or just as part of your anti-ageing programme. Self heating puissance fermete is applied all over the body which stimulates collagen production helping to re-plump the skin.

We recommend a course of six sessions for this treatment.

Beautiful Back

Combine massage with deep cleansing and polishing to ensure a soft and smooth back. After a purifying exfoliation with a combination of gourmande rich in fatty acids, vitamin A and E, enjoy a relaxing back massage, followed with a deep cleansing make to absorb any remaining impurities as you completely rewind.

Light Legs

Instantly reduce puffy, swollen ankles, feet and legs with this super cooling treatment. A must-have for those on their feet all day. Using a combination of massage and products featuring arnica and menthol extracts to decongest, stimulate the circulation and reduce oedema. This practical treatment relieves all the soreness and heat associated with poor circulation. A cool compress while you relax during a head massage completes the treatment.

We can also offer Hand and Feet Massage Treatments on request. 

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